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Howell Slab Jacking
Howell Slab Jacking
B Charlton Howell
Family Trade Since 1989
Serving Central Illinois and Central Indiana.
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The Crooked Creek Baptist Church

Indianapolis, Indiana 46228
July 3, 2003

Dr. Michael W. Snow
Senior Pastor

Rev. Kevin L. Bengtson
Associate Pastor
Music & Worship

Rev. Mike Thompson
Associate Minister
Family Life & Youth

Joan Ridenour
Administrative Assistant

Nancy Defibaugh

Bright Promises Preschool

Thlaawr Bawihrin

Cross Cultural Ministries

Sandra Bradley, RNPN

Health Ministries

Rev. Barbara Smith

Prayer Ministries

Charlton Howell

Indianapolis, IN46227

Dear Mr. Howell:

First, I want to apologize for the difficulty I had in hearing you when you called earlier today. I don't know if it was our telephone but I could hardly hear you and I am sorry that I had to ask you to yell for me. I called Dick Thompson and gave him the information and he instructed me to go ahead and send you the $795.00. He also wants to express his appreciation for an outstanding job done by Jack Taylor!! "He did one terrific job for us".

Again, thank you for being so patient with me today and for a job well done for the church. God Bless you in a really special way.


Joan Ridenour

Administrative Assistant